Discovering Who I Was

BRIANNA HYLTON​: My name is Brianna Hylton. I was the EDGE debutante of the year in 2014 and I am now in my final year studying Business and Law at Ryerson University. My time with the EDGE [...]

Jasmine’s Journey

JASMINE GRANT​: Jasmine has been showcased as one of 3 faces promoting the new YYZ Pearson Airport Transit Hub, appeared in an episode of VICE Media and stars in a nationwide commercial for [...]


MIRANDA BERDEJO-WILLIAMS​: I joined the program in 2014 as a debutante but had also participated as a jr. deb. The EDGE Program for me was inspirational in seeing professionals that looked like [...]

Higher Confidence

BRITTANY NELSON​: My name is Brittany Nelson and I was a debutante in the 2014 EDGE Ball. Being a part of the EDGE program has truly had a lasting impact on my life. The most significant change [...]

Highlight of 2018

TAELOR COLEMAN​: My name is Taelor Coleman and I participated in The EDGE Program as a Debutante in 2018. Being a part of EDGE was a memorable experience and a highlight of 2018. I met [...]

Etiquette Matters

JASMYN ST. HILAIRE​ Since doing the EDGE program I have graduated from George Brown College, majoring in Fashion Management, and received one of the highest awards for my campus. I have had a [...]

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