The EDGE program has been formulated to complement the general academic curriculum.

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The EDGE program has been formulated to complement the general academic curriculum to which our youth are accustomed.

Loved by Many

  • “My name is Shanii and I was a Debutante for the Cotillion Ball program in 2008. The program helped me to come of my shell and showed me that I must always go after my dreams no matter how scary it may be. Since the program I have graduated from York University, I am working as a Law Clerk and I will be applying to law school. Without the program and hard work I may have never realized my potential to achieve everything that I desire.”

  • “My daughter was so excited to see that she was going to experience living in a dorm for a weekend and connect with her new friends. She absolutely loved the workshops and activities to the point where she has told her Drama school teacher about one of them and they are going to try it out in class! I am so proud of her involvement with the YDP program that will help groom her for the future and also help shape her into a wonderful young lady.”

    S.T., Scarborough, ON.
  • “The workshops that were offered through YDP have been very empowering for all of our young people. The youth involved in this program have been offered support, direction and information to help guide them toward their future endeavors. I'm pleased to know that all the youth, including my son, will gain the confidence, skills and etiquette that conventional schools do not offer. I recommend this program to any family that would like to see their children excel and develop into future leaders.”

    D.B., Malton, ON.
  • “If you had any doubt about enrolling your child in The Youth Development Program, forget about it! You will not regret your choice. This program has impacted our daughter in the most wonderful of ways. I’ve never seen her so passionate about anything. It has instilled within her a new sense of confidence and a strong belief that “the sky is the limit.” Enrolling our daughter in the program is the best choice that my husband and I have ever made.”

    T.H., Pickering, ON.
  • “I would like to thank everyone involved in the amazing retreat we had with the youth from the E.D.G.E. program; June 8-10, 2017. What an amazing group of youth and what an amazing energy of love and kindness we were able to generate(AWESOME). It is with this in mind that I would like to ensure that we stay connected as cultural caregivers of the most precious cargo we have; our youth.”

    Coach Grant, Camp Oneness Cultural Caregivers
  • “This program has transformed my daughter to know the importance and value of believing in herself and her abilities, of being more social and of becoming an active and responsible member to society.”

    D. McAlpin, Ajax, ON Transformed
  • “The EDGE Program is both useful and necessary for youth in our community. I have seen great improvement in my child since she enrolled in the program. The workshops and facilitators convey a wealth of important information to participants, who are now equipped with knowledge they will take with them throughout their journey to Success. "It takes a village..." Thank you to The EDGE Program Committee.”

    M. Amponsah, Vaughn, ON Wealth of Information
  • "We are most delighted that we decided to enroll Dominique in the EDGE Program! This opportunity has encouraged our daughter to showcase her natural grace and has been instrumental in teaching her how to network and sell her strengths. The EDGE Program’s values align perfectly with what we as parents have taught Dominique and what we envision her becoming in the future. The excitement that she expresses when discussing what she learned in the various workshops is in itself, rewarding. Dominique has been emboldened to continue to strive for excellence and with the support of the EDGE Program’s teachings, she is further prepared to start her post-secondary career. Going forward, we have no doubt that Dominique is more equipped to grab a hold of every opportunity that benefits her success as she propels forward into adulthood. We are so proud of her and grateful that this program exists within Toronto’s Black community and that we can celebrate her growth not only as a family, but as a village tasked with raising our children to be the best version of themselves. Thank you EDGE Program for giving Dominique this exceptional experience."

    DW.Hunte, Ajax, ON Natural Grace

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