Together with education, we believe that style, etiquette, and leadership are vital skills for success; our focus is on teaching our participants the poise and tenacity that will help them make powerful and lasting first impressions.

Whether a young person is interacting with teachers, potential employers, customers, clients, business associates, new friends, or other relationships, the skills we transfer will make our participants stand out.

We also know that in today’s world a strong drive to succeed is both one of the most valuable gifts a young person can have, and increasingly one of the hardest things to come by. We do our utmost to help our students find their inner spark and fan it into a bright flame.

What makes our development program different from existing programs is our ballroom dance component. Our program culminates with a formal Cotillion Ball which celebrates the presentation of our youth as poised individuals ready to conquer the world!

What We Achieve: We are committed to helping our community’s youth develop the life skills and attitudes that will ensure their future success and happiness.