Launched in 2023, EDGE West provides leadership training to Black youth (in Peel) as they transition from adolescent to adulthood. Our goal is to:

  1. Build confidence and a progressive mindset along with core development competencies such as conflict resolution, financial literacy, business planning, and essential communication skills.

  2. Coaching participants to use and adapt technology to their needs (Word/Excel office training).

  3. Develop practical strategies to break down barriers and to create and grow Black leaders mindset.

  4. Assess best practices, document and share training and support strategies in the areas of

    • Financing post secondary studies

    • Good mental health and developing well-rounded, healthy adults

  5. Help to improve the emotional well-being of 30-40 Black youth across the Peel (annually)

As tomorrow’s leaders, Black youth will work to build confidence in the areas of Public Speaking and Communication. Our workshops look to develop a sense of belonging. Being PRESENT and having PRESENCE in every room they enter. 

It’s about believing there’s no journey or bar to high to achieve!

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