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The EDGE Program offers black youth – male (Beau) and female (Debutante) between the ages of 16 and 19 – a unique experience that Empowers them to Develop and Grow their social and professional Engagement skills.

Empower youth to Develop and Grow their social and professional Engagement skills.

The EDGE Program is a youth leadership problem that works to complement the academic achievements of Black Youth in the GTA. The EDGE Program offers is a formative learning experience where Black youth meet and socially interact in a positive, healthy and safe environment. The EDGE program develops leadership skills, teaches self-confidence, social graces, and builds character. EDGE empowers Black youth to develop and grow their social skills as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. We support youth as they step into who they are becoming while navigating new life experiences.

Participants are exposed to a variety of workshops such as communicating effectively, which works to set a positive example in school, work and/or in leadership positions. Mental health and well-being workshops that support youth in dealing with conflict, self-awareness and self-inflicted inhibitions. Youth collaborate to create a sense of teamwork and cooperation, which in turn help to reinforce the communication skills and teach the participants how to appropriately interact with their peers in a structured and healthy environment. Our goal is to prepare youth to become tomorrow’s leaders and exceptional citizens of their community!

Additional workshops include public speaking, resume writing, effective interview techniques, career panel, becoming an entrepreneur, financial literacy, the power of your vote, the law and you, time management and more!

The highlight of our program is our weekend retreat where participants are exposed to dorm life on a university campus for the entire weekend! This experience exposes our youth to future possibilities of post secondary learnings. Complete with a campus tour and lecture style workshops, youth leave this experience feeling energized and excited about all the opportunities ahead.

Each year we work to fill 4 cohorts, 12 girls and 12 boys ages 16-19 years old, and juniors 12 girls and 12 boys ages 7-10.

With a Metro-West program AND a Metro-East program this allows us to reach 80+ youth each year.

Our goal is to cultivate true inclusion in the minds of these youth by creating a sense of belonging. When stepping into a new experience, building the confidence that allows them to successfully navigate that experience will create a pipeline to success.

Workshops run biweekly on Saturdays and/or Sundays from

Metro-East in Scarborough — February to July

Metro-West in Brampton — June to October


Empower. Develop. Grow. Engage

The EDGE Program offers black youth – male (Beau) and female (Debutante) between the ages of 16 and 19 – a unique experience that Empowers them to Develop and Grow their social and professional Engagement skills.

Etiquette and dance classes for Junior participants between the ages of 7-10 are also offered.

The EDGE provides diverse workshops that expose participants to information and techniques not offered in a conventional classroom. Designed to empower and motivate, the EDGE engages participants in a variety of leadership workshops, team building exercises and includes a weekend retreat.

 The EDGE concludes with a formal presentation Ball where participants are re-introduced to their family and friends as graduates of the program.

“I am so proud to be a part of this program that changes and impacts young lives.”
Founder, Pat Gloudon
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